Oakgrove Hope

Advancing gospel hope and community in Derry City, N Ireland (Derry = 'Oak Grove')

What is “Oakgrove Hope?”

Derry = ‘oak grove’

Once upon a time, the hill upon which the walls of Derry/Londonderry stand contained an ‘oak grove’ or ‘oak wood’. That grove gave the city its name, as the old Irish word for ‘oak grove’ is Daire or Doire in its modern form. About the 6th century, a monastery was founded here and over the centuries Doire (Derry) would become a settlement, a city, a Walled city, and eventually the thriving city it is today with over 100,000 inhabitants.

A colourful History

Recognised as the UK City of Culture in 2013, the city has a colourful and at times painful history. The modern “Troubles” of Northern Ireland actually began in the city and, despite much regeneration and improvement, the wounds of those difficult times are still felt to this day.

A new Christian community

In 2006, a new Christian community began meeting in the city with the goal of reaching people from all backgrounds and walks of life with the good news of Jesus Christ. That group of believers, meeting under the name of Northwest Baptist Church, continues to this day under the leadership of James (“Jimmy”) Wilson.

A permanent home

The next step for the community is to obtain a permanent home, a purchased building that can be a location where people from all walks of life can come and find the hope that only Jesus Christ can give. After many years of praying and searching, a door has opened to purchase a building in the city centre on the aptly named ‘Grove Place’. For an introduction to the building, watch this video.

[Update] Funds raised; Purchase complete; Renovations Underway!

Through the generosity of many visionary sponsors, all the needed funds were raised to purchase the building as well as to begin renovations. The purchase has completed and renovation work is currently underway. We are still in need of help with building, plastering and decorating work. If you are interested in helping with these works, please let us know. Also, we need an additional £10,000 to complete all the renovations. If you want to give toward this, please go here.  

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