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Finishing Touches

Great progress has been made on renovating the building. Major renovation work is almost complete:

  • Windows have been replaced.
  • A new gas boiler and radiators have been installed.
  • A dampproof course has completed.
  • New electrics are almost complete.
  • Building work is currently going on in the meeting room to remove an archway and make it ready for us.

The church is hoping to be moved over by the end of November, if things continue on course.

So far, all renovation costs have been covered by initial fund-raising. We are so grateful for everyone who has made this possible.

All that remains are the ‘finishing touches’. Here is a breakdown of what is needed to complete the project:

  • £4200 *Now £3075 ($4000) Exterior repairs to roof & painting
  • £1300 ($1625) New front door and raised threshold
  • £1200 ($1500) Church kitchen modernisation and appliances
  • £1300 ($1625) Meeting room decoration, carpet and doors
  • £700 ($875) Hallway and stairs decoration and carpets
  • £660 ($825) Bathroom decorations and flooring including washing machine
  • £700 ($875) Guest room decorations and furnishings
  • £1350 ($1690) Communal room decorations and furnishings
  • £700 ($875) Apartment bedroom decorations and furnishings
  • £1600 ($2000) Apartment living room/kitchenette decorations and furnishings including appliances
  • £250 ($310) Loft/attic ladder and storage
  • £2040 ($2550) Miscellaneous/sundry expenses
  • £13,575 ($17,125) TOTAL

To give any donation toward this project, please go here. Thank you so much for your prayers and support!

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